This has been one helluva week for celebs getting cheeky on Instagram. Between Steve Grand in a jockstrap, Charlie Carver naked in the wilderness, and Nico Tortorella showing his ass for a cause, I didn’t think we could handle much more from these sexy celebs and their racy social media accounts. Then comes Olly Murs to prove me wrong.

The British pop star uploaded a simple little video for us to enjoy on his Instagram with the caption “Had a cracking day today.” Well, I think the rest goes without explanation.

Had a cracking day today 😝😜😂

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This isn’t Olly’s first time showing off on social media (and we pray it won’t be his last). Whether he’s letting the goods hang out in Vegas or celebrating his team’s win, he always finds a reason to drop his pants for his fans. Now that’s dedication.

Olly also recently admitted that he is “20% gay,” so I guess we can also take that for what it’s worth. From the looks of the video, that 20% is most likely a power bottom.

I’m not sure who sent out the memo for these celebs to get naked these past few days, but I hope they send out another one next week (and keep ’em coming!).


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