Nude Tazia Ulrich

That’s Not a Mirage, It’s a Nude Tazia Ulrich

There are probably few things worse than being stranded in the middle of the desert. The heat, the sand, the no end in sight is enough to drive the strongest of us crazy. At least on a deserted island, there’s water and trees and such, but in the desert, there’s only sand. There is nothing about a desert that is appealing unless there happens to be a nude Tazia Ulrich.

Don’t get me wrong, the desert still sucks, but it would suck a little less with a nude Tazia Ulrich. I mean, you’d be wandering around looking for water, hating life, but then you’d look over and see Tazia Ulrich’s awesome body and you’d probably be able to keep going on. Yep, there is nothing better to help you keep moving forward than a nude Tazia Ulrich. Well, I guess that and the need for water. But, if you can only have one or the other, that’s going to be a bit of a tough choice. Water or Tazia Ulrich nude? Water or a nude Tazia Ulrich? Water… nude Tazia Ulrich… yeah, I think I’d have to flip a coin and pick a nude Tazia Ulrich.

There is no way I’d ever want to be stuck in the desert. I wouldn’t make it. I’d go crazy. You know, I bet that when you see a mirage in the desert, it’s of a nude Tazia Ulrich. That kind of makes perfect sense to me.

photos by Morey Spellman

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